About MatchMe 3D

With a strong desire to change the world of online dating, the idea of MatchMe 3D was formed in 2015 by the founder Paul Collins who saw the need for a shake-up.

Now, after nearly two years of refining and perfecting our online matching dating platform, MatchMe 3D is getting ready for launch

“There are millions of wonderful people looking for the partner they deserve and the industry is not doing the right thing but we will”

MatchMe 3D

The MatchMe3D team is hand-picked and brings together decades of business know-how.


  • Our Chairman, John Burkett, is a successful businessman and brings a wealth of governance and marketing experience.
  • Dr Adrian Colquhoun is our highly qualified Solution Architect and will ensure we have a fantastic system.
  • Our researcher and algorithm collaborator is Graham Kennedy who has worked on numerous assessments with our founder.
  • Finally, and most importantly the team is fully supported by their amazing partners, Irina, Jackie, Gail and Jenny.

The great news is that we will be expanding the team during our crowd-funding project and look forward to welcoming our founding members who together will help us make a difference and help people find the partner they deserve with Trust, Honesty and Safety.

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